Welcome to 15th Baltic Finance - Banking Development Forum Summit!


The Baltic Sea Region is again becoming the Top of Europe as it represents the area that is performing best in Europe. It has taken the region five years to return to this exceptional position. Presently Latvia has the highest growth rates in Europe and the two Baltic neighbours are following suit. Tough economic austerity measures have been introduced together with economic incentives. It has been an illustration of how smart reform policies can work. In different ways, the countries of the region are perceived as role models in handling the economic crisis but sustainable growth remains to be achieved.

BDF is working closely together with the Latvian Government as co-hosts of the Summit, which coincides with the Latvian Presidency of the Baltic Council of Ministers, and a meeting of the three Baltic Prime Ministers will open the event. Baltic integration is part of the region’s wider economic development – and is progress being made?

The aftermath of the economic and financial crisis has created new realities for companies and decision-makers about globalisation and European integration but it has also created new possibilities for the Baltic Sea Region countries. Has the region’s value chain been strengthened and do higher manufacturing exports from the Baltic States contribute positively to the restructuring efforts on the Nordic countries and Germany? Does the Baltic Sea Region attract foreign direct investment needed to participate in the increasing internationalisation of the global economy? Is it possible to place the region better on a global map?

The annual event, bringing together more than 400 stakeholders, provides a unique platform for leaders from government, political parties, business, academia and civil society to discuss these issues as well as cooperation possibilities and growth initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region.

Programme for this year's conference

The agenda for this year''s summit will focus primarily on a sustainable economic growth and competitiveness in the Baltic Sea Region and Middle East region, with the main spotlight on various investment projects, last but not least government vs. private companies  co-operation. To become even smarter and greener country, government vs private sector partnerships are more than essential these days. By improving the overall framework conditions, these partnerships’ will for instance help countries to focus and optimize sustainable infrastructure investment, which is key to kick-starting wider economic growth in the Baltic and Middle East Dubai Region, benefitting the European and Dubai economy at large.

The whole Nordic region is again on the radar screen of investors and businesses in the Nordics, United Arab Emirates, Germany and many more. We will also place our regional cooperation in a wider European and global perspective. Together with our Latvian partners and business organisations from the whole Baltic Sea area, private companies, investment promotion agencies, BDF will organise seminars and a matchmaking event that will present the new realities and opportunities in the Baltic region. Topics such as the increase of cross-national cooperation and flows of investment in areas of infrastructure, energy, innovation, research and development, and IT solutions on a regional level will be discussed.

Our yearly  State of the Region Report, sponsored by the largest investment banks from Dubai and Nordic region like Nordic Bank, United Bank of Emirates , will also in 2013  provide very important data to the discussions on the challenges and opportunities facing the countries like Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia which are located around the Baltic Sea and in the Persian Gulf.


This year we host CEO's from the finance industry such as Goldman Sachs, we have also two CEO's on stage from   forex companies in Dubai - Oriental Markets Finance LLC nd Henesy Markets  LLC and last but not the least  OECD.ORG (Organisation for Economic Development) chairman who comes around to have a few words about the current situation with economy growth.

Networking Village & Baltic Business Arena

The Networking Village is a key part of the Summit. Companies, Organisations, and many others will display their work on improving the Baltic Sea Region. In line with the overall theme for the event, the Village will give special focus to infrastructure projects.

For the second year in a row, a special networking and matchmaking arrangement – Baltic Business Arena – is organised for companies and enterprises in order to establish new cross-border business relationship and foster greater cross-border trade and investment. Companies and business organisations will be able to book meetings with each other and the possibility to consult with experts who are competent in cross-border business relationships. It is expected that this event will attract over 100 companies from all parts of the Baltic Sea Region.



baltic business arena 2

Stay tuned on this website. A detailed programme for the event, including information on sessions, speakers, the Networking Village and the Baltic Business Arena will follow shortly. Visit Baltic Business Arena 2012 Website

Venue: Riga Congress Centre

The Riga Congress Centre will host the event. The Congress Centre is situated next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia in downtown Riga. Transport from the airport is convenient with AirBaltic Taxi and most places in Riga are within walking distance.


Contact Person

John de Brave, BDF
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