BDF Network


The members of Baltic Development Forum are large companies, major cities, institutional investors and business associations from all over the Baltic Sea Region. Baltic Development Forum works with a wide range of partners. Our network involves more than 8000 decision makers from all over the region and beyond.

Why Join Baltic Development Forum

Baltic Development Forum has consolidated its position as the main Summit Organiser and Networking Forum in the Baltic Sea Region. The Region’s potential and challenges are highlighted at the Summit as an important part of an increasingly globalised world.

Baltic Development Forum offers a unique platform where the Region’s decision-makers from business, politics, academia, and media can become part of the Baltic Sea Region’s most influential high level network. The decision-makers meet in an informal atmosphere to discuss new business opportunities, and develop new regional strategies and public-private partnerships. Business needs good government and governments need good business!

Baltic Development Forum puts the Baltic Sea Region on the global map by profiling the Region and developing strong external ties with the outside world. A further consolidation of the Region and integration into global structures are necessary preconditions for continued growth and prosperity. Fostering new partnerships across sectors and across borders is necessary if the Baltic Sea Region is to develop a dynamic business environment being competitive in the global economy. In co-operation with the World Economic Forum, with whom we have an agreement of co-operation, we have previously arranged a session on the Baltic Sea Region with the Presidents of the three Baltic countries at the Annual Davos meeting.

Baltic Development Forum addresses those critical issues not likely to appear on the official political agenda. In that sense, we ascribe ourselves the role as the Region’s critical watchdog and a mediator in the policy-making process. Being an independent organisation we have the freedom to do so.

How to Join Us

We welcome new Members and Partners from business, politics and academia represented in form of companies, governments, metropolises, regions, organisations or academic faculties.

For more information, please contact Baltic Development Forum by phone + 45 70 209 394 or by e-mail [email protected]