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The Government of the Republic of Latvia

The Republic of Latvia is located in the center of North East Europe where the East meets the West. Its strategic location has made it an international crossroad for trade, commerce and cultural exchange since ancient times. Nowadays Latvia is an important point in the East-West trade. Cooperation with its neighbors in the Baltic Sea region and development of strategic global ties is a priority and a goal for the Government of Latvia.

After the short existence in the first half of the 20th century, Latvia regained its independence in 1991. Ever since then Latvia has developed rapidly and has sought every opportunity to establish itself more prominently in the international arena. After joining the European Union and the NATO in 2004, the next goal of the Government of Latvia is joining the Euro zone in January 2014 to further enhance the economic development of the country.

After rapid economic growth during 2005-2007 and losses during global financial crisis, the main task of the economic policy of Latvia is to establish good foundation for sustainable growth. Currently, the main economic driver of Latvia is export. Economy is balanced both internally and externally and Latvia’s GDP growth is most rapid in EU.

At the same time Latvia highly values its cultural heritage and much is done to preserve it for the next generations. Excellent examples of these efforts are the regular and widely popular national song and dance festivals that gather thousands of participants and even more visitors. Moreover, in 2014, the capital of Latvia, Riga, will be the cultural capital of Europe.

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Baltic Development Forum

Baltic Development Forum (BDF) is a leading think-tank and network for high level decision-makers from business, politics, academia and media in the Baltic Sea Region.

Our mission is to set the regional agenda by initiating and facilitating processes to build a strong, prosperous and coherent Baltic Sea Region. We focus on regional integration, sustainable growth, innovation and competitiveness. We implement also regional projects within energy efficiency, investment promotion and regional identity building. Information and new exchange is part of our role in the Baltic Sea Region and new steps have been taken in this field with the newsWave initiative. It is a innovative ways of sharing information in the region ‚Äď see

Baltic Development Forum work actively for making the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region a success and for ensuring that European and regional integration develops in mutual supporting fashion. We act as a Horizontal Action Leader within branding and regional identity building.

One of our main activities is the annual Summit, which takes place in a new Baltic Sea Region country. During the Summit days more than 500 decision-makers from business, politics, academia and media meet to exchange ideas and formulate strategies for the future development of the Region. Baltic Development Forum was founded in 1998 by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Uffe Ellemann-Jensen. Hans Skov Christensen, former CEO of Danish Industry, is BDF Chairman since 1 November 2011. Director of the Secretariat, situated in Copenhagen, is Hans Brask. An international advisory board consisting of personalities with knowledge and insight into development in the region assist us in setting the agenda and in reaching out to all parts of the Baltic Sea Region.

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