Baltic Sea Award

The Baltic Sea Award was established by Baltic Development Forum in 2007 in order to highlight and encourage positive progress in the Region. Last year’s winner was Professor Lars Börjesson, European Spallation Source .

The Baltic Sea Award is assigned to individuals or organisations that have fulfilled one or several of the following criteria:

  • Made an extraordinary contribution to Baltic Sea Region development
  • Played a leading role or been a role model in the region’s economic development
  • Strengthened economic cooperation between the countries in the region
  • Developed new business concepts and research programmes
  • Capitalized on competitive advantages in the region in a new and innovative way
  • Made a contribution to the improvement of the regional challenges within climate, energy and environment
  • Linked innovators and local universities in the trade and industry
  • Concretely supported existing and growing regional clusters
  • Attracted and stimulated regional driving forces

The prize amount is 5000 euro.

Previous Baltic Sea Award Winners

  • Björn Carlsson, founder of Baltic Sea 2020 (2007)
  • Tarja Halonen, President of Finland, for her strong commitment for the region (2008)
  • Arminta Saladžienė, Chairman of the Management Board of NASDAQ OMX in Lithuania, for her work regarding the introduction of corporate governance principles in the Baltic States (2009)
  • Cruise Baltic – a network of 27 cruise destinations in the Baltic Sea uniting ten countries (2010)
  • Professor Arjen Hoekstra, for his pioneering work on the Water Footprint concept (2011)
  • Professor Lars Börjesson, European Spallation Source (2012)

Lars Börjesson (middle) with the Baltic Sea Award. From left: Michael Svane, DI, Lars Börjesson, ESS, Hans Skov Christensen, BDF. Foto: Hasse Ferrold