15th (BDF) Riga Economic - Banking - Finance Summit

bsr2013.eu - 15th Baltic Finance - Banking Development Forum

The 15th Baltic Development Forum (BDF) Summit is a leading conference in the field of banking and finance. The conference brings together experts and decision makers in the field of business, finance and economics to provide solutions for global financial development.

15th Baltic Finance - Banking Development Forum

The Baltic Sea Region is becoming the Top of Europe again. The 15th Baltic Finance - Banking Development Forum Summit will provide a comprehensive overview of the economic development of the region and highlight future trends.

Welcome to the 15th Baltic Finance - Banking Development Forum Summit! We invite you to meet international financial institutions, leading regional companies, government agencies, and other stakeholders who are working together to shape the future of Europe.

The region has been one of Europe`s leaders in competitiveness since it regained its status as the top performing area in Europe after nearly two decades. With an economic growth rate that has averaged 3 percent per year since 2009, it is showing no signs of slowing down yet again.

The event will bring together delegates from around 50 countries including representatives from international financial institutions, regional companies and government.

The Baltic Summit is the largest regional event of its kind taking place in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. The objective of the summit is to discuss economic growth and competitiveness in the region.

The programme will provide opportunities for face-to-face meetings with different experts and companies active in the Baltics.

The following issues will be discussed:
Economic growth;

  1. Competition;
  2. Challenges;
  3. Quality of life;
  4. Sustainable development;
  5. Investment climate in the region; and,
  6. Policy progress in promoting innovation and digitalisation in local economy.

Networking Village & Baltic Business Arena

The Networking Village is a key part of the Summit. Companies, Organisations, and many others will display their work on impr - an open air pavilion with over 100m² available for exhibitors to exhibit their products or services.

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