About the Baltic economic summit

The Baltic economic summit is a high-level meeting to discuss and agree on the priorities for the Baltic region. It is organized by the presidents of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and takes place every two years. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the main challenges facing the Baltic states and to identify ways to address them. The summit provides an opportunity for government leaders to meet with business leaders and other representatives from civil society to discuss economic issues.

The Baltic economic summit is a meeting of the heads of state of the three Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia) and the European Union. The summit occurs annually and is one of the most important events for the Baltic states. It takes place in Riga, Latvia and provides an opportunity to discuss issues facing each country as well as exchange opinions on important topics. The main goal of the summit is to promote closer cooperation between countries by discussing common goals and strategies. It also serves as an opportunity to strengthen economic ties between nations by promoting trade and investment.

By bringing together business leaders from eight countries in the Baltic Sea region, the annual Baltic Economic Summit provides a platform for high-level conversations about economic issues and opportunities for exchange.

The event brings together political leaders, business executives, academics and other stakeholders to discuss key topics like trade and investment, innovation, technology, and sustainability. While most summits are held in one country, this summit is unique in that it brings together representatives from multiple countries. This allows attendees to learn from each other’s experiences and build networks that can be used to make connections on future projects. While there is no guarantee of any kind of action coming out of these meetings, it is still important that you attend because you never know who might end up needing your services.

What leaders are saying about the Baltic economic summit?

Speaking at the summit, Estonian Prime Minister said: “We have a common goal: to make sure that these countries are ready to take on a global role. This summit is a great example of how we are working together to achieve that goal.”

The leaders also discussed their plans for the future, including how to tackle issues such as corruption and digital security.

They agreed to continue working together to build a stronger, more resilient region and to ensure that the Baltic states are ready for the future.