Baltic summit partners

The Baltics have long been an important part of NATO, and many Western military officials believe that the alliance's presence is crucial to keeping Russia in check. Still, some Baltic leaders have come out in favor of closer ties with Moscow, citing economic benefits and fear of Russian aggression.

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Baltic summit partners committed to strengthening regional security

The Baltic States have been a major part of European defense for decades, and have played a key role in NATO. They are especially strong in cyber defense, as they have experienced repeated attacks from Russian hackers over the last few years. This summit was an opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen security on all fronts.

The two countries committed to accelerating joint military exercises and increasing their defense budgets. Estonia also pledged to increase its cyber defense capabilities, while Latvia announced that it would create a joint cyber unit with Estonia.

While the summit did not result in any concrete steps, it served as an important first step towards greater security in the region.